CBD For Pets


You now have the perfect opportunity to spoil your cat or dog to the CBD for Pets we offer you here on our website. They will experience positive feelings of relaxed moods, of calming down, which is great for the animal that may be overexcited at times. Also, aggression in certain animals seems to be addressed by the use of the CBD for Pets you can order from us in the UK.

Even though CBD for humans and pets come from the same safe, organically grown hemp plant, your pet’s CBD products are especially made for them according to their size and weight, which means that concentrations of CBD for humans and pets will differ. Also avoid taking your pet’s CBD as it may contain additives specifically added for your animal.

Therefore it is recommended you use our CBD for Pets for your cat or dog and the other products that we offer for your own consumption. The effects of the CBD you buy for your pets in the UK are the same you experience from your own: feeling more relaxed and less anxious, finding relief often from stiff joints and sore muscles, exhibiting calm, acceptable behaviour. Much as you benefit from our products, your cat or dog will benefit from our choices of CBD Dog and CBD Cat Oil Tinctures. These are easy to administer according to the guidelines you receive with the product – normally 1 – 3 drops under their tongue, in their water or food.

Our CBD for Pets – as is the case with our products for humans – will never be mixed with psychoactive THC or other harmful chemicals; all the CBD for Pets that you acquire from us here in the UK is extracted from pure organically grown hemp via CO2 extraction to ensure high quality products for use by all. Pets, just like humans, react positively to the different choices which are always absolutely safe to use in moderation as recommended by us. The CBD for Pets we sell in the UK is meant as an addition to your pet’s well-being, not to replace prescribed vet medicine.

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