CBD, a revolutionary new age medicine? Or just an excuse to take marijuana legally? Well, in this article I’ll dive into the facts and not the fiction. Of what does CBD feel like really? First of all, the whole notion that CBD is just a guise for ‘legal weed’ couldn’t be further from the truth. CBD in whatever form, does not contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Which is the psychoactive ingredient in Cannabis. Meaning you won’t get high from it! However, Cannabis does not only have the use of providing people with a ‘high’ feeling.

What CBDs Feel Like UK

Historic Uses Of CBD

It also has been used for millennia as a medicine for it’s CBD properties. Ancient civilisations in Central Asia, such as Ancient China had many different uses for the plant without burning it. Such as anaesthesia. In fact if you were to ask someone from ancient China ‘What does CBD feel like?’ They would most likely reply with a response similar to ‘a great numbing sensation’. Which is a loose translation of what they call the Cannabis plant!

What Does CBD Really Feel Like For Medical Conditions?

In this segment we are going to explore how CBD feels for certain medical conditions.

  • Anorexia CBD has been shown as a brilliant tool to fight body dysmorphia conditions such as anorexia. As it increases appetite dramatically. Increasing the feeling of well-being.
  • Chronic Pain CBD is effective at reducing chronic pain in patients with conditions such as Arthritis and Shingles. It does this by numbing the nerve receptors. Increasing the feeling of well-being.
  • Chronic Inflammation  CBD is linked to reducing inflammation response chain with the brain.
  • Parkinson’s Disease Patients that consumed CBD that have an involuntary movement disorder, have been shown to greatly alleviate their symptoms. This happens due to CBD having properties that block the broken neural pathways.
  • Psychoactive Disorders CBD has been proven to have anti- psychotic properties. And has been shown to alleviate symptoms with people with disorders such as Anxiety, Bipolar and PTSD. Which vastly increases the mental well-being of said person.
  • Depression CBD is proven is proven to have anti-stress and anti -depressive properties. Which will reduce the persons depressive symptoms.

These are just a few illnesses and diseases that CBD has been proven to help. And to answer the question of ‘what does CBD feel like in terms of medical uses?’ It improves peoples lives and sense of well-being. As you would have seen I noted that in every medical entry one way or another. Especially by improving peoples sense of well-being that have chronic conditions such as the ones noted.

What Does CBD Feel Like For Everyday Use?

After reading through the medical uses for people with certain conditions, it may seem that it’s only, for people with conditions. Well, to put it simply it would be wrong to assume so. In this part of the article, I will list everyday uses so you can see for yourself what CBD really feels like.

  • Rest & Recovery If you are a athlete, gamer or anything in this world. You need to rest at some point, or you’ll just burn out. CBD is brilliant for recovering your muscles, Cardio vascular system and whole body for that matter! Adding to feeling of better overall health.
  • Sleep In high doses CBD promotes feelings of rest and tranquillity aiding in a better nights sleep.
  • Skin Care CBD boosts healthy oil production. Which aids in unclogging pours as well as providing the skin with new cells, resulting in a healthy glow. Which will add to your confidence!
  • Wakefulness In large doses CBD does promote sleep, but in smaller doses CBD boosts energy and wakefulness. Giving you the feeling of alertness and being ready for whatever the day throws at you.
  • Well-Being CBD also just gives you a generally good feeling. Sounds simple, but that’s because it is. You just feel better! For many reasons such as the ones listed.

CBD For Well Being

So to answer the question of ‘What does CBD feel like for daily use?’ Once again it promotes your sense of well-being directly and in-directly. Directly by actively just putting you in a positive state of mind. And in-directly by; improving your sleep quality, improving your skin which betters your confidence. Improving general recovery and finally improving your mental alertness.

So, How Does CBD Really Make You Feel?

CBD is one of the most miss-represented health supplements out there, due to the miss information spread over the years from its competitors. But, after reading this article I hope I have enlightened you to the many positive benefits to CBD. But most importantly you should now have an idea as to ‘what does CBD actually feel like?’. And to summarise that feeling. It gives you just a better sense of well-being. Whether you’re an individual with one of the medical conditions noted, or just a general administer of CBD. CBD has a positive use for all in some way or another.